About us

Who are we?

Reviso is the company founded in 1998 and back then we were the first private manufacturer of wet wipes in Croatia. In the past we had manufactured diapers and developed machines on our own. Since 2004 we have been manufacturing exclusively wet wipes. Today the company employs 34 people of various professions in a modern facility in Lekenik. The distribution center and a fully equipped laboratory for development and quality control are also placed there. In our business we think long term. We have high quality and environmental standards. We also purchase raw materials for manufacturing from authenticated and certificated suppliers.

Today, we mostly manufacture various private label wet wipes for a large number of clients. We are market leaders in this segment because we can offer the necessary certificates, quality control and external audit in accordance with national and EU regulations. We also produce our own brands in a small portion because we constantly have new ideas. We distribute our brands in Croatian market, and they can be found in most chain stores and drugstores.

Innovation, quality and reliability have been key to our success.

Why choose us?


As a manufacturer we offer a complete service, from development to production. Each project is unique. Individual approach and flexibility enable us to realize the production of small, medium and large quantities. Thanks to our professional experience, we can manufacture the product for various purposes, from simple to premium solutions.


We follow best practices in the industry, new technologies and modern market trends. This allows us to provide our clients with competitive solutions. Our laboratory can support the mixing of existing or the development of new formulas. We offer various types, shapes and sizes of paper and substrates, for different types and methods of packaging.


Our technical and professional abilities combined with creativity, enable us to make steady progress. We develop completely new concepts, formulations and packages for our customers. The innovation makes us motivated and happy.