Production program

Production of private labels

  • A wide range of products
  • Minimum order quantity: from 5.000 pieces
  • The production capacity: approximately 2,463,00 million handkerchiefs
  • Understanding the needs of clients and consumers
  • Own suspension development laboratory (for lotions, extracts, scents)
  • Quality control and certifications
  • In-house designer (artworks, layouts and packaging options)
  • Reliable partnership

Child and personal care

  • Baby Wipes
  • Travel pack wet wipes
  • Make up wet wipes
  • Intimate wet wipes
  • Deodorant wet wipes
  • Wet toilet paper
  • Refreshing wet wipes
  • Antibacterial wet wipes

Household wet wipes

  • Universal wet wipes
  • Floor wet wipes (parquet, laminate, ceramics)
  • Toilet - wet wipes for cleaning toilets
  • Wood - wet wipes for wooden furniture (maitenance)
  • Degreasing - fat solvent wet wipes

Auto cosmetics

  • The cockpit - wet wipes for the care of the cockpit
  • Glass - wet wipes for cleaning the windshield(s)

Pet care wet wipes

  • Wet wipes for the care of your pet (dog / cat)

Bucket pack wipes roll

  • Degreasing – fat solvent wet wipes
  • Pet care
  • Antibacterial