Quality Control

Quality is satisfaction
of a customer.

Everything begins with customer satisfaction.

Quality management system applied in the firm Reviso d.o.o. is based on the requirements of the international standard:


Our production processes meet the highest European regulatory requirements that are related to cosmetics and biocide products. We are responsible for continuous manufacturing of high–quality and harmless products of highest quality in accordance with requirements of good manufacturing practice.


We control the quality of the system through internal audits and audits of the regulatory agencies.

Every series of starting material goes through quality control at Revis and is approved for use in manufacturing. Starting materials are obtained exclusively from reliable suppliers that meet the high set criteria of system quality. Accordingly, special attention is given to the selection of business partners. Manufacturing processes are continuously controlled in accordance with the principles of good manufacturing practice. The final product passes control of all the parameters indicated in the specification, along with control of all process parameters and control of the equipment of the products in accordance with the requirements. Additional control of the final product is carried out in external accredited laboratories.


By control and supervision of starting material and the process of production, we strive to reduce the risk of alterations in quality of the product to a minimum and ensure the customers primarily quality, medically sound and harmless product.

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